Algorithm 852: RealPaver: an interval solver using constraint satisfaction techniques

Laurent Granvilliers, Frédéric Benhamou

Code and Data Abstract

RealPaver is an interval software for modeling and solving nonlinear systems. Reliable approximations of continuous or discrete solution sets are computed using Cartesian products of intervals. Systems are given by sets of equations or inequality constraints over integer and real variables. Moreover, they may have different natures, being square or nonsquare, sparse or dense, linear, polynomial, or involving transcendental functions.The modeling language permits stating constraint models and tuning parameters of solving algorithms which efficiently combine interval methods and constraint satisfaction techniques. Several consistency techniques (box, hull, and 3B) are implemented. The distribution includes C sources, executables for different machine architectures, documentation, and benchmarks. The portability is ensured by the GNU C compiler.


Laurent Granvilliers, Frédéric Benhamou, et al. "Algorithm 852: RealPaver: an interval solver using constraint satisfaction techniques." ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software.     doi:10.1145/1132973.1132980. Retrieved 07/30/2021 from

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Primary Research Field: Computer and Information Sciences
Secondary Research Field: Mathematics
Content License: Public Domain Mark
Code License: MIT License

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